First donor supports Mankato makerspace project.

We would like to introduce our first "Maker Advocate" donor to Mankato's makerspace project: Graham Nelson!

Graham believes in reintroducing people to their past through hands-on, skills based learning. He envisions having access to the variety of shops and collaborative peers as having the potential to engage people’s latent creativity, further empowering them to become resourceful and self-sustainable.

MMAG will use funds from Graham's donation to file our 501(c)(3) paperwork. Thank you for helping us start our journey!

Update: Feb 22, 2018

Since Graham first helped give us the opportunity to establish the makerspace project, he has stepped up multiple times to ensure we could clear hurdles and take our work to the next level.

Graham believes in the abilities many of us may have forgotten we possess or didn't know we had in the first place. He looks forward to dropping in, checking out your projects and working beside you as you learn, innovate and create in this space the founding team, its board of directors and the multiple volunteers & donors have put together for you!

On our opening day we'd like to thank you, Graham, for believing in this project from day one!

See you at the makerspace!

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