Second donor supports Mankato makerspace project!

We would like to introduce our second "Maker Advocate" donor to Mankato's makerspace project: Grant Moody and Express Employment Professionals!

Grant foresees the makerspace as being vital to job seekers who have never been in an industrial arts shop. He believes the space and its mentors will provide initial contact with the tools, materials and basic shop processes in a neutral environment where job seekers can be introduced to a potential career in manufacturing.

Express Employment Professionals mission is to help good people find great jobs and a makerspace fits right in with that mission.

Minnesota Makers & Artists Guild will use funds from Grant's donation to develop our future space and operations. We are a budding non-profit dedicated to providing work space, tools, and knowledge on a membership basis for artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs.

Thank you, Grant, for helping us start our journey!

Update: Feb 22, 2018

Since Grant first helped give us the opportunity to establish the makerspace project, he has stepped up multiple times to ensure we could clear hurdles and take our work to the next level.

Grant strongly believes people have unlimited potential to increase their knowledge through collaboration and creativity. He looks forward to introducing skill seekers to the makerspace in the hopes they will discover their next career path in this space the founding team, its board of directors and the multiple volunteers & donors have put together for you.

On our opening day we'd like to thank you, Grant, for believing in this project from day its beginnings!

See you at the makerspace!

Grant Moody, donor and owner of Express Employment Professionals, MMAG co-founder Rick Esser, Express General Manager Tina Mead, and MMAG co-founders Kendrick Daum & Julie Dempster.

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