Footsteps & Fundraising News

Thank you all for attending our Halloween fundraiser! Between the silent auction, T-shirt and cookie sales we raised over $1,800...and it was our first event! A tremendous thank you to our performers, attendees, donors and sponsors. Bits and pieces of our community flowed together to uplift and support our endeavor. You have given us the means to continue in our quest to bring space for makers to Mankato!

GROWING OUR TEAM The founders group has grown with the addition of Cindy Bourne and Deb Groebner. They each bring unique skills that will help us forge ahead and are both passionate about our success.

Welcome aboard! A large part of continuing our journey includes paperwork! The founders group will dedicate this month towards refining our structure and solidifying the legality of MMAG as an organization. This means there will be no public meetings this month.

This ALSO means we will have a stronger footing and more to offer in the new year


The founders group needs a secretary!

-Duties include: taking notes at weekly founders meetings, creating and printing weekly agendas, filing meeting notes and minutes in Google Drive. If you are organized and adventurous contact Julie at or call 507–514–2921!

Thank YOU for supporting us since we began this journey! Continue to let your fellow makers and artists know about our group. Suggest they sign up for this newsletter or follow us on Facebook...the only place for your "Maker Crush Monday" fix!

Julie, Rick, Kendrick, Joe, Lindsey, Jesse, Deb & Cindy

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