News & Meetup #2!

​​​​​​1st Meetup a Success!

How do we know? It wasn't just us founders!

We had 30 people brave the chill to learn about our progress and the basics of CNC plasmacutting. The highlight of the evening (for me, anyway) was mingling & meeting fellow makers.

​​​​​​​Maker Meetup - February 8

6:30 - 8:00 pm

523 S. 2nd Street, Mankato

Twin Rivers Council for the Arts/Emy Frentz Arts Guild Building

-The founders will give an update on our community makerspace progress.

-"Meet the Maker" presentation - learn Joe Herke's ceramic slipcasting technique.

-Meet fellow makers, artisans & crafters.

-Learn how you can become a supporting member!

Next Featured Maker:

March 8 - 3D Printing - Daniel Halvorson

​​​​​​​ReSkilling Festival Seeking presenters:


What do you know how to do that most people have forgotten or never learned?

Teach a practical skill to help people problem-solve and live more sustainably by leading a one-hour class at the Mankato Re-Skilling Festival on Sat. March 18!

Instructor time slots are still available.

(MMAG is joining the fun with four of its founders giving classes that day!)

CONTACT Jane Dow by Mon. Jan. 30 at For more info and class ideas, visit Transition Mankato on Facebook (

​​​​​​​"Nation of Makers" Letter of Support Submitted

"Nation of Makers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping makers by supporting maker organizations; through advocacy, the sharing of resources and the building of community within the maker movement and beyond."

Visit their webpage and see what board member Adam Savage (of MythBusters & has to say about the awesomness of makers!

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Julie, Rick, Kendrick, Joe, Deb, Cindy & Kim


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