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 Come join us for a handful of lovely Market days this year in 2023
( MAY 14th -Mothers Day, AUG 27th, NOV 12th and DEC 10th) 

These Markets are filled with handcrafted items
that are made to perfection by local Makers, Artists and
Creators. Let's Meet these amazing Makers now. 

Would you like to become a Makerspace market vendor?

WE ARE CURRENTLY FULL, Vendor Registration is  CLOSED FOR 2023
Stay tuned to Apply to be a Vendor in 2024, Opens Jan 30th


Flame In Hand

Dustin Swiers


Dustin Swiers started glass lampworking back in 2008 when he moved to Mankato for schooling. Swiers received two degrees from Minnesota State University, Mankato, a BFA and an MA, both focused on ceramics and sculpture. He created Flame in Hand Glass as the sole proprietor in 2010. Swiers has moved his studio set-up to work out of the non-profit  Mankato MakerSpace, so he can be accessible to teach classes and create while volunteering his time as a Shop Lead. Dustin's work ranges from functional to decorative, blending disciplines of Lampworking, Off- Hand Glassworking and Stained glass techniques with Metalworking, Electroplating and Lapidary to create jewelry, custom blades, vessels and sculptures.

“As with many artists, the process is what keeps me engaged and pushes me to make. My greatest pursuit is discovery in the act of creating; simultaneously learning about my materials, craft, and self.” Dustin Swiers


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Cozy Devotions

Julia Bressler



I have been making pottery at the Makerspace for just over a year. Prior to my time here, I had two years of pottery instruction in highschool. I originally joined the Makerspace because I was craving a creative outlet and had been itching to get back behind the pottery wheel since I graduated high school 10 years ago. As a stay-at-home-mom to three young children, it feels as if I live my life in a state of constant multitasking. My Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Makerspace have become a very important part of my weekly routine. It's a time for me decompress, relax, and focus my energy on one singular task. For me, pottery is a process driven art medium. I love making new forms on the wheel and experimenting with added textures and carving and glazes. The finished product is more than the product itself but really the journey it took to get there. Being able to sell the things I make is just the cherry on top of the whole artistic process for me. If you happen to find a pot that you love, I hope it brings you as much joy as the process of making it brought me

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Christina Donley Illustration

Christina Donley



Christina Donley is an illustrator and printmaker from Saint Peter, MN. She received a Bachelors in Art and Interdisciplinary Design from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Her work spans a variety of subjects, often whimsical and cartoonish in nature. She enjoys creating detailed works, with lots of things to look at. It inspires her to bring others joy and excitement through her art. She sells prints of her illustrations, as well as fun stickers of her designs. She also screen prints t-shirts and illustrations.

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Josh G Photography

Joshua Guth


I am a Mankato based photographer with a BFA in Printmaking and Photography from Minnesota State University Mankato. After college I found myself using my camera more and more until finally starting my own business in January of 2023 photographing portraits, couples and weddings. Outside of shooting portraits, I enjoy playing with different lenses and shooting techniques to get something unique and interesting. From macro photography to abstract double exposures, my work is ever changing. It's the idea that there is always something to photograph that drives me.

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Jason Lee Willis Novels

Jason Lee Willis


Jason Lee Willis is the author of The Alchemist's Map, best described as 'a Bilbo Baggins character who goes on an Indiana Jones adventure in 19th century Minnesota', as well as several other self-published novels. He has also produced two nonfiction works on Christian Bible studies. As a creative writing instructor, he and his students have produced two volumes of short stories, Tales from the Haunted Valley, as a fundraiser for the writing program. As a professional storyteller (isn’t that what English teachers do?), he’s done historical lectures and video series, book talks, radio segments, podcasts, and recently submitted a short story in Rhonda Gilliland’s “foodie” anthology, Cooked to Death. Willis grew up in South Dakota and currently lives in Minnesota, where he lives the life of a hobbit by gardening, writing, walking around barefoot, wearing vests, fishing, and going on adventures with his wife, Julie.

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Spring Lake Woods

Jeff Stocco


My love for wood and bowl making goes back 10 years, when I took my first class at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais. I am the maker of wooden bowls and spoons. Most of my work is the making of practical tools for the kitchen - bowls, scrapers, salad spoons, and spreaders. They are very functional, food-safe, and last for years. It makes me happy when I imagine someone using my bowls for breakfast each morning! In addition to being useful and functional, my bowls and spoons are beautiful. They are treated with walnut oil and beeswax. I’m proud of my “artistic” bowls, as they bring beauty to your home as well. Sometimes finished with food-safe water-based shellac, sometimes embellished with milk paint, carving, and pyrography, they reflect the beauty of the wood, which might be birch, cherry, hackberry, oak, box elder, maple, or a variety of wood species from our region.

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Visual Artist

Shelley Caldwell


Shelley produces mixed media works on paper. Her work combines observational drawing of botanical and other subjects with formal abstraction, emphasizing line, pattern, and color using a variety of processes and materials such as Micron pen, various inks, collage, and masking techniques. The work celebrates the simple items and experiences that define our existence. Shelley is an MSU, Mankato graduate with a BFA and MA in Drawing and Installation whose work has been shown extensively throughout the region and has received several grants. Compelled by the surrounding landscape, she works from her family farm in rural Faribault County.

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Vincent’s custom arts

Vincent Strait


I am a comic book style artist who specializes in all custom art projects.

Timeless Silver

David Johnson


I have been buying vintage silverware and making all type of jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, ear rings, bottle stoppers, bottle openers, took pick holders, vaces plus a number of fun things. Self trained just needing to stay busy and have fun creating different items.

    Rise Up Little Bluebirds



    I lost my mother to cancer and wrote a children’s book to help other families have healthy conversations about loss while normalizing the big emotions that can arise through grief and helping to enforce that love is what we get to hold onto

      Mandy’s crafts and more

      Amanda Burger

      AUG - NOV

      Self taught artist specializing in leather sewing, expoxy  resin art, paintings, crocheting and miniature houses

      Stitches by Em

      Emily Toltzman

      NOV - DEC

      Hey there! My name is Emily, creator of all things crochet at Stitches by Em. I am a self taught artist local to Mankato. I picked up the crochet hook in November of 2022 and haven't put it down since! Crochet gives me total creative freedom and it is incredible to see what can come from some yarn and a hook! I take great pride in my work and I love sharing it with others. Each piece is stitched with love and attention to detail. My work is a reflection of things that I love: mainly animals! At my booth you will find a variety of adorable crocheted plushies, home decor and more.

      Deb Whiteoak

      Deb Whiteoak Groebner

      NOV - DEC

      My passion for making encaustic mixed-media paintings began in 2016. Wax and heat are the key ingredients for encaustic painting techniques. Molten wax is brushed onto a firm surface, fused with a heat gun or torch, and allowed to cool. I am entranced by the wax’s faint honey smell, rich texture, and luminous earthiness! Natural artifacts, rust prints, and various art media are added to the wax to create my unique mixed-media pieces. Setting aside expectations for how a new painting should look when it’s done frees me to play with materials and follow their lead. A piece’s character and story emerge organically to provide direction for remaining work. This intuitive approach gives birth to visual elements that are surprising and slightly mysterious. I hope my art compels you to slow down, look deeper, and discover what’s quietly hidden among the layers!

      Blue Collar Burns

      Kendrick Daum


      Kendrick is an aerosol mural artist and over all Maker. You have probably seen quite a few of his works around Mankato! He is indeed  one of the founders of the Mankato Makerspace, and  he oversees  our finishing / paint room as a Shop Lead. He has recently been working on  the Glowforge at the space to make wooden  ornaments, magnets. jewelry, wall hangings and wall plates.


      "I work all day and burn all night... Blue Collar Burns"

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      Kasota Prairie Pottery

      David Becker



      I started making pottery about a year ago after taking a beginner pottery class at Makerspace! I enjoy the challenge of creating items that are functional and interesting to look at. I am inspired by all the makers and artists that I work around and hope that reflects in what I present! Cheers!

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      Yolo Jewelry 

      Cindy Bourne 

      Living in Texas making beaded jewelry for many years I was ready for a change. Moving to MN, I got here as soon as I could, metalsmithing became my passion. As an artist, working with metals to create shapes, textures, 3D techniques and colors is very appealing. I love pounding on metal!!!! Using recycled materials, such as coins, vintage elements, adds another dimension. As an instructor, introducing students to the tools, metals, torches is very satisfying. Hopefully, you'll like my jewelry and much as I like making it!

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      Lakota Tile Studio

      Catherine Elva Rosengren


      My love of clay reflects and utilizes all my various art training and self taught exploration through years of restlessness and curiosity of mediums. I love carving for the movement and texture and because color is life to my mind which is the basis I start to create with.

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      A Taylor'd Hues - Modern Art LLC

      Andrea Taylor

      * MAY - AUG - NOV - DEC

      I have always loved art and knew I had an artistic ability but until recently I was never confident in my work beyond my own personal enjoyment. Anyway I am an Army Veteran, from Waconia in Minnesota, I was working part-time up until Early 2020 when I got laid off. There were a lot of things happening late 2020, and I was stuck at home alone, I decided I needed something and I found fluid art. I dove head first and haven’t looked back. I love playing in the paint, I love seeing the paints/colors mix. Also about a year ago I started painting flowers I really enjoy painting them. Obviously I sell my paintings, but I also sell functional pieces, coasters, necklaces, cards, trivets, glasses/mugs, etc… anything I can get my paintings on., to include tie-dying You can follow me on instagram

      Linda Decor & More

      Linda Tietz

      * MAY - AUG - NOV - DEC

       Love making what I do I do canning jams handmade stuff I recycle milk caps and orange juice caps make Bonnet hats out of them. My passion is to make homemade products and at affordable price so that people can used homemade at commercial quality! Love what I do!

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      Guileless Green

      Jessica Peters

      MAY - AUG - NOV - DEC

      I make personal care products out of organic ingredients and minimal ingredients. I make these products because I have extremely sensitive skin and I could never find products that felt good and had safe ingredients. Everything had some sort of unnecessary filler, or some questionable ingredients and I didn't want to slather my largest organ with questionable ingredients, so I chose to create exactly what I wanted. I currently create lotions, balms, aromatherapy rollers, oils/serums, soaps and soy wax candles if the season is right. My products are formulated for sensitive skin types and I only use real ingredients, nothing synthetic. If something has a scent, it's from an organic essential oil (not fragrance oils), if there is a color to a product, it's from clay, herbs or minerals. I also make polymer clay charms, which I put on keychains, necklace chains and earring hooks. These charms are precious and they are my favorite creative outlet. They are all handmade and hand sculpted. I do not use molds, so each one is a unique individual, signed with my fingerprints.

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      Herbal Beauty

      Melissa Kruse

      AUG - DEC

      Hi, my name is Melissa Kruse, and I have a passion for herbs and skincare. Over the past decade, I have personally formulated an entire line of bath and body products that utilize the nourishing properties of herbs and plant-derived ingredients. Some of the most unique and health-giving plants grow in our own backyards. I love working with them and discovering new ways to use them. I believe we are here to take care of the Earth so the Earth can take care of us. I grow and become familiar with the herbs before I use them in my formulas. My products are art to me. I envision new ideas, new formulations, a new look, a new feel, or a new scent, and I'm only satisfied once I've perfected it. I get inspiration from the herbs in my garden, and I get a thrill from creating something fresh for my customers. I feel fortunate that I get to share my creativity and passion through my products. All Herbal Beauty products are handcrafted in small batches to maximize quality and freshness. They are made with high-quality, fair trade, organic, and sustainable ingredients that nourish your skin to give it a healthy glow.

      Love In This Jar LLC.

      Lisa Marie MIller

      MAY - AUG - NOV - DEC

      I make organic coconut soy and organic soy candles with pure 100 % essential oils organic beeswax hemp wick . I love to relax when I can!!! I have three kids and 3 jobs and when I have my day to my self. I try to make it about self-care and one of those things I do is light up a candle to add to my ME evening at home!! or just One of my favorite things to do to add to a evening at home or when it rains hmm or just because!!!! Candles are just amazing and I love those wild natural element smells!! I love being outside and going on a good walk and breathing in deep mother nature and I wanna create scents that make you feel at ease and relaxed at home. I think selfcare is really important!!!!

        Patty’s Projects

        Patty Yahnke

        AUG - NOV - DEC

        Hi, I am a retired educator who has always like making stuff, whether it was sewing, cross stitch or using the band saw to cut out wood items to be painted and given for gifts. Since retiring I have been able to expand the variety of projects I do. And after joining makerspace I have learned to use new equipment. One of my favorite pieces of equipment I use at makerspace is the GlowForge. I enjoy the process of starting with an idea and a sheet of wood, and turning it into an ornament, a box, earrings, what ever I think up to try. I also dabble alittle into stained glass and jewerly making. My recent endeavor has been working with epoxy and learning all tricks to use with it. I continue to increase the learning curve and think of new things to try.

          Fennec Kit Artistry

          Aster Collins

          AUG - NOV - DEC

          My name is Aster Collins, I am a local Artist from the Mankato area. I had fallen in love with art at a very young age. Any medium I could get my hands on, I was all about making it into something beautiful. As of currently, I tend to paint, sketch, do some photography, and sculpt. I used to just do art for myself, until my loved ones encouraged me to try and put it out there. Without the unconditional support from my friends and family, I would not be where I am today. Most of the time, my inspiration comes from my memories and the feelings I get from them. I just have to hear the right song, get a gust of the right scent, or even see a familiar image and the memories start to flow. Other times, specifically for commission pieces, my inspiration comes from stories my clients are willing to share with me for the piece I create just for them.

          David Kogler Stained Glass

          David Kogler


          Stained glass is something I started in high school when my dad said, “You need a hobby.” I’ve created at least a handful of pieces each year for more than 20 years. I love Frank Lloyd Wright’s window designs — who felt stained glass windows should frame nature and were meant to be looked through. I think the best quality of glass is its color, followed by its texture. Mostly, I use the copper foil method, but periodically work with lead came.

            Mukunda's art of wood

            Mukunda obrien

            NOV - DEC

            I have been a woodworker for 30 years. I started building pipe organs and found my love for woodworking now I do custom furniture and design.

            The Seventh Oak 

            Shayna Swiers


            Shayna Swiers is a Mankato MN artist and jeweler who has been honing her craft for over a decade. She achieved her Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) and Masters of Arts (MA) degrees from MN State University, Mankato. Shayna is the Sole proprietor of The Seventh Oak, specializing in wire weaving techniques and metaphysical crystal meanings, healing and lore. Pairing the healing energies of copper, crystals and Intention to create energetic companion jewelry that will aid and guide her clients along their life's travels.

            “I find serenity while working on a new piece, the repetitive weaving of the wires is my favorite kind of meditative practice. That “energetic flow” helps connect me to the healing message that the crystals wishes to convey."


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            Pegeen Rozeske


            "Most people have never experienced a shoe made specifically for their foot.  Nothing pinches; nothing rubs.  If you easily find shoes that fit at the "marts", you are not looking for me.  A properly fit shoe makes walking easier; does not cause back problem; lasts a long time and is repairable.  I make beautiful shoes and boots to fit a specific person's feet.  Leather that breathes and craftsmanship that endures combine for an unique experience. Educating people that these are still valued qualities still practiced is why I demonstrate the Art and Mystery of a Cordwainer.  The Gentle Art of shoe making is still done. At the Mankato Makerspace,  I teach classes in both Shoemaking and general leatherwork." -Pegeen 

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            Visual Artist

            Caleb Stoner



            100% homegrown corn fed Minnesota maker! I make (or at least attempt to) a large variety of things from weapons to instruments to visual art. Whatever I find interesting that month is what you’ll find me working on! No official training mostly self taught with some help from friends.

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            Emily Stark Photography

            Emily Stark

            * NOV-DEC

            I am a professor, photographer, and dancer from St. Peter, MN. I mainly focus my photography on landscapes and items in nature, with special attention to the odd, distinctive, or macabre. I don’t have formal training in photography, but enjoy learning as I go, exploring and playing with my camera, editing software, and compositional strategies to just see what happens. I sell prints and cards of various sizes, as well as the Doll Head Oracle, a collaborative project created with other local artists.

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            My Name Is Knot

            Jody Bohrer

            MAY-AUG- NOV- DEC


            I'm a life-long crafter and a recently retired preschool teacher. During the pandemic, I taught myself to do macrame and found that I really enjoy it. It's actually very meditative. I began by creating plant hangers, but moved onto so much more -- wall hangings, coasters, key chains, Christmas ornaments, etc. I enjoy the challenge of trying something new and seeing the result, especially when my creations are displayed in home decor.

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            Prairie Willow

            SkyAnne Sickler

            * AUG - DEC

            Indigenous artist putting a modern spin on traditional indigenous artistry with an emphasis on promoting eco-friendly and self-sufficient life styles.

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            Shy's Vegan Goodies

            Shyan Heldman


            Hello! My name is Shyan and I own Shy's Vegan Goodies. I started my baking journey in 2018. I am a self taught baker, but I have worked in multiple bakeries to get more experience decorating and to learn how a bakery is ran! I make vegan, dairy free and some gluten free treats! Soy Free products are available via special order. All of the treats I make range from cookies, bar, donuts, cinnamon rolls, cakes and cupcakes. I bake out of my home and also for a local tea shop in North Mankato.(Curiosi-Tea House) I recently quit my full time job to give my attention to my business! I'm very excited to be a part of markets again and to meet all of you!!!

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            Garrett Kopka

            MAY - AUG - NOV - DEC

            Hello everyone! My name is Garrett Kopka, Owner of G.KopkArt, and here is a bit about me! I was born and raised in Southern Minnesota. Artistic talent surrounded me growing up, there was always some level of creativity running amuck. I always had a fancy for patterns, and optical illusions when I was younger. Something that is still true today. My artistic journey took a turn after highschool. While creating in art class was fun, at the moment it didn't seem practical as a full time pursuit. I attended classes at South Central College, studying Culinary arts. Cooking in a kitchen sufficed for a few years, but always looked more into baking. Time passed, and jobs changed, and onward I was to greater things! Nowadays I spend my time creating, somedays tie dye, others acrylics on stretched canvas or other cutouts. Many of my acrylic creations are blacklight reactive, some even glow in the dark. A majority of my canvas pieces focus mainly around PHI (spirals). I love a challenge in the creative process, and tie-dye is there to prove it. It has been 5 years in the making, but with due time comes great treasures! It is a pleasure to bring such bold ideas to life, and thank you for your support! Look forward to the next creation!

            Max Adams

            Max Adams

            MAY - AUG - NOV - DEC

            I like to think of my work as reactionary. Although visual in nature it is also visceral in appearance at times. I make my work for the reactions involved in the process. It is very exciting and important for me to see the response from my audience.

              Goblin Familiars

              Tinner Johnson


              I am a fiber artist in Mankato, MN. I am a self-taught artist who has been creating fiber art dolls for two years. Specifically, I create goblin art dolls. My passion for creating fiber art dolls started because I wanted my goblin drawings to exist outside of pencil and paper as something tangible that I could see and touch. I strive to create an aesthetic blend of cute, hectic, and fun for each of my dolls. My goal as an artist is to bring more recognition and love for goblins in the art and fantasy communities.

              Markana Art

              Markus Bean



              Through spirituality and a constant state of creation, Markus Bean offers many works, ranging from original Visionary paintings done in acrylic, watercolor paintings, cryptid drawings, a new series of block prints, prints of original artwork, and handmade jewelry. Markus will also

              be live painting, come watch his process!

              Home Sweet Minneapolis

              Broken Janssen


              My name is Brooke and I am the face behind Home Sweet Minneapolis. I am a self taught woodworker with lots and lots to still learn, but am having so much fun doing so. I have always enjoyed making things, and have finally found my home in the world of woodworking. I hope to honor my late grandma in my work, the woman who showed me creativity can be more than just a hobby and the importance of pursuing your dreams. I am excited and honored to where this journey has brought me so far, and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

              Primal Plant Care

              Mason Grove


              My philosophy on gardening is to use all natural, sustainable, traditional methods to grow organically in living soil. I make a variety of naturally fermented fertilizers the way people have been making them for thousands of years. I also make micro-organism solutions to improve soil and plant health, natural pest management solutions, and soil blends and additives that help plants grow healthy and strong without any synthetic chemicals.

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