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Marble Surface


The Makerspace has several vibrant shops featuring materials, tools and expertise for working with a variety of mediums. 


Wood Shop

The heart of the Makerspace features a variety of woodworking tools, including saws, planers, lathes, sanders, routers, hand tools, and much more. This shop is extremely versatile, where makers of all varieties will find the right tool for the job. The woodshop also has limited supplies of lumber available to purchase.

Shop Lead: Tyler Vaughan




From wheel-thrown pottery to hand-built sculptures and slip cast works, members can creatively work with clay. We have electric and kick wheels, slate wedging tables, a slab roller, modular shelving, and work surfaces for hand-building. With in-house electric kilns, our shop lead organizes and fires projects for members. Supplies are available for purchase and we have plenty of tools for everyone to share.

Shop Lead: Dustin Swiers


ceramics shop.jpg
metal shop.jpg

Metal Working

Our metal shop can be used for fabrication, sculptures, or to make repairs, all with various types of metal. We have many types of machines including MIG, TIG, Oxy-acetylene, arc welding, and plasma cutting. We have a grinding room, horizontal bandsaw, Beverly shears, and heaps of hand tools. There is also limited equipment for blacksmithing including a coal forge. Members are required to pay for materials and welding consumables.

Shop Lead: Dustin Swiers


Metal Working

Glass Working

Glass working can be one of the most mysterious and exciting practices available and the MakerSpace provides an introduction into flame working or Stained Glass in a safe and inviting atmosphere. Members have access to tools and equipment for hot or cold working. Regularly scheduled classes allow continued improvement on techniques. Materials and consumables are available for purchase from the Shop Lead.

Shop Lead: Dustin Swiers


glass shop.jpg
Glass Working

Textiles & Leather

Our textiles department has a wide variety of offerings: leatherworking, sewing, quilting, knitting,crocheting, fabric dying, even some lap weaving. If we don't know how to do it we know people who do and we'll set up a class for you. One of our most popular classes we are bringing back is 'My mother gave me a sewing machine, now what do I do?' We have several sewing machines, even a commercial heavy duty machine and a serger. Come create with us!

Shop Lead: Pegeen Rozeske


Textiles and Leather

Laser Engraving

Our shop features two CNC laser engraving and cutting machines capable of producing finely detailed engravings on wood, acrylic, leather, glass and more. 

Shop Lead: Justin Bergo


Engraving and Cutting

Painting & Finishing

A space dedicated to messy and stinky projects, our Finishing Room is equipped with bright LED lights and ventilation system to help complete projects made in other shops. The finishing room is not a spray booth so you are restricted from spraying certain coatings. All water based coatings are welcomed. As well as most common spray paint enamels. Projects need to be labeled with name and contact information

Shop Lead: Kendrick Daum

Painting and Finishing

3D Printing

Come use our expertise and printers to make that 3D dream a reality!

We here at the Mankato Makerspace are excited to announce our partnership with the 3D printing company, Elegoo.


Elegoo is a leader in innovation and accessibility in the 3D printing space for both hobbyists and professionals. And with this new partnership we here at the Mankato Makerspace have access to the wonderful Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. This will broaden our 3D printing capabilities, allowing you as a member to learn  and use a resin printer. 


Please take a moment and look for classes and clubs that you might be interested in that might incorporate this fine tool

Shop Lead: Justin Bergo


3D Instructor: Jeremy Kuznia 


3D Printing
screen rint shop.jpg

Screen Print

The Screen Print Shop features a 6-head, 4-station manual t-shirt press, as well as an electric dryer to cure the ink to the desired temperature. We have all the essentials for the screen print process such as emulsion, light table, washout booth, and a multi-color registration system. We also have screens you can rent to ensure your job is ready to go!

Shop Lead: Christina Donley 


Painting and Finishing
85024033_3447157925355306_4780494193258659840_n (1).jpg

Jewelry Making

The Makerspace offers several facets of jewelry making for beginners to advanced. Metal working takes many forms in wire wrapping, fold-forming, cutting, shaping, soldering, coloring, setting stones, 3D layering and more. We also teach beading, working with stones and other materials.

Tools: including hand tools, rock cutters, tumblers, kiln, torches, buffers and supplies are provided. We'll have you walking out with new creations and skills in your first class.

Shop Lead: Cindy Bourne


jewelry shop.jpg
Screen Printing
Jewelry Making
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