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 Come join us for a handful of lovely Market days this year in 2024
( MAY 19th, AUG 25th, NOV 10th and DEC 8th) 

These Markets are filled with handcrafted items
that are made to perfection by local Makers, Artists and
Creators. Let's Meet these amazing Makers now. 

Would you like to become a Makerspace market vendor?

Vendor Application is  HERE FOR 2024
We will contact you about registering for booth spaces once accepted


Flame In Hand

Dustin Swiers


Dustin Swiers started glass lampworking back in 2008 when he moved to Mankato for schooling. Swiers received two degrees from Minnesota State University, Mankato, a BFA and an MA, both focused on ceramics and sculpture. He created Flame in Hand Glass as the sole proprietor in 2010. Swiers has moved his studio set-up to work out of the non-profit  Mankato MakerSpace, so he can be accessible to teach classes and create while volunteering his time as a Shop Lead. Dustin's work ranges from functional to decorative, blending disciplines of Lampworking, Off- Hand Glassworking and Stained glass techniques with Metalworking, Electroplating and Lapidary to create jewelry, custom blades, vessels and sculptures.

“As with many artists, the process is what keeps me engaged and pushes me to make. My greatest pursuit is discovery in the act of creating; simultaneously learning about my materials, craft, and self.” Dustin Swiers


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Kasota Prairie Pottery

David Becker



I started making pottery about a year ago after taking a beginner pottery class at Makerspace! I enjoy the challenge of creating items that are functional and interesting to look at. I am inspired by all the makers and artists that I work around and hope that reflects in what I present! Cheers!

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Yolo Jewelry 

Cindy Bourne 

Living in Texas making beaded jewelry for many years I was ready for a change. Moving to MN, I got here as soon as I could, metalsmithing became my passion. As an artist, working with metals to create shapes, textures, 3D techniques and colors is very appealing. I love pounding on metal!!!! Using recycled materials, such as coins, vintage elements, adds another dimension. As an instructor, introducing students to the tools, metals, torches is very satisfying. Hopefully, you'll like my jewelry and much as I like making it!

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Spring Lake Woods

Jeff Stocco

Lathe Instructor

My love for wood and bowl making goes back 10 years, when I took my first class at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais. I am the maker of wooden bowls and spoons. Most of my work is the making of practical tools for the kitchen - bowls, scrapers, salad spoons, and spreaders. They are very functional, food-safe, and last for years. It makes me happy when I imagine someone using my bowls for breakfast each morning! In addition to being useful and functional, my bowls and spoons are beautiful. They are treated with walnut oil and beeswax. I’m proud of my “artistic” bowls, as they bring beauty to your home as well. Sometimes finished with food-safe water-based shellac, sometimes embellished with milk paint, carving, and pyrography, they reflect the beauty of the wood, which might be birch, cherry, hackberry, oak, box elder, maple, or a variety of wood species from our region.

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Imaginarium Designs

Jane Greathouse




Hello and welcome to Imaginarium Designs. I am a mild-mannered college instructor by day and a maker by night. I grew up believing that creativity was something you were born into. About 10 years ago, I started taking art classes at South Central College and found that I loved painting dots. I started with small canvases and expanded to jewelry and then any item that acrylic paint would adhere to. I scour thrift stores for boxes, canvases, letters, and anything else that might be interesting to paint. I love giving discarded items a new lease on life. I now believe that anyone can be creative. They just need to explore different mediums and give themselves time to build some decent skills. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. You just have to give it a try. day.

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Willow and Wool MN

Dave Linda, Robyn, Erynn Jenzen


Willow & Wool MN started as 2 Minnesota sisters and our Mom. Creating has always been a big part of our lives, especially fiber arts. Each of us has a unique perspective on what we choose to create, which allows us to have a wide variety of styles at any budget. We hand knit a variety of accessories, mittens, scarves, hats, and headbands, at sizes from children thru adults. Every item is always handmade. When a customer doesn't see just what they want, we frequently are able to custom make an item to please them.

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Rise Up, Little Bluebirds

Kristy Boike


I wrote a message of hope through grief after my mother died and my story went viral. I’ve been featured in several news outlets as a featured local author and now host speaking engagements and workshops with my books creating community and healthy conversation around adversity in life

    Soul creations

    Barbara Korte



    I love creating Spirit driftwood beings because the driftwood carries the energy of the water infused into the wood. Nature is my sweet spot. Everything I use to create these Beings is a part of nature. Each Being carries the energy of what I use. Wether that’s clay, or feathers, or fur, or seed. I’m creating solely from all aspects of nature. It doesn’t get any better than that♥️

    Salt & Fern

    Cally Roberts


    Salt & Fern came about after over a decade of self-taught kitchen witchery and two years of getting serious with sourdough. I’m passionate about nourishing my community and engaging with our local food system to foster deeper connection with the world around us. I take pride in growing my own ingredients when possible. At my cottage-licensed microbakery, I specialize in seasonal sourdough variations, salted brown butter chocolate chip cookies, mint brownies, and more when the fancy strikes!


    Erica Deleon


    My name is Virginia, and I am pursuing my love of art. I would like to put myself out there and get a chance to showcase my art. I grew up in Nicollet and I have always had a passion for art. I've been making paintings for my family and friends for years.

      Zawphie’s Workshop

      Sophie Zawisza

      Graduated from Bethany with a theatre degree and a focus in costuming. My medium is fabric and I sew with mostly recycled fabrics. I make various things such as lamp shades, masks, wings, sleepwear, crowns, and lavender sachets. I get excited about portraying pirates, magicians, and vagabonds in my work. I love to inspire fun for all ages with my fantastical themes.

      Buff City Soap

      Kailee Williams


      Frustrated by commercial soaps’ harsh chemicals, detergents, and animal fats, we set out to create a better way! Buff City Soap — delightfully scented plant-based soaps, handmade daily, in each of our local Soap Makeries. We offer plant-based Laundry Soap, Candles, Wax Melts, Body Mists, Body Lotion, Epsom Salts, Bath Bombs, Soap Bars and more!

      Shelley will be offering original works on paper, prints, and plants!

      Blue Collar Burns

      Kendrick Daum


      Kendrick is an aerosol mural artist and over all Maker. You have probably seen quite a few of his works around Mankato! He is indeed  one of the founders of the Mankato Makerspace, and  he oversees  our finishing / paint room as a Shop Lead. He has recently been working on  the Glowforge at the space to make wooden  ornaments, magnets. jewelry, wall hangings and wall plates.


      "I work all day and burn all night... Blue Collar Burns"

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      Pegeen Rozeske

      "Most people have never experienced a shoe made specifically for their foot.  Nothing pinches; nothing rubs.  If you easily find shoes that fit at the "marts", you are not looking for me.  A properly fit shoe makes walking easier; does not cause back problem; lasts a long time and is repairable.  I make beautiful shoes and boots to fit a specific person's feet.  Leather that breathes and craftsmanship that endures combine for an unique experience. Educating people that these are still valued qualities still practiced is why I demonstrate the Art and Mystery of a Cordwainer.  The Gentle Art of shoe making is still done. At the Mankato Makerspace,  I teach classes in both Shoemaking and general leatherwork." -Pegeen 

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      Visual Artist

      Caleb Stoner



      100% homegrown corn fed Minnesota maker! I make (or at least attempt to) a large variety of things from weapons to instruments to visual art. Whatever I find interesting that month is what you’ll find me working on! No official training mostly self taught with some help from friends.

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      2nd Wheel Ceramics and Luminaries

      Kathy Crain

      I've been a member of Makerspace since 2020 when I took a class in ceramics and found my "thing" to do. I frequent the ceramics studio where I create luminaries/candle holders. I became interested in making them when I found that my main passion is making cutouts and designs in the clay. I quickly realized that a lit votive candle placed inside creates these wonderful and mesmerizing designs that dance on the wall. That was it, I was hooked! I stive to create quality, unique, one of a kind pieces that work well in any setting.

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      Linda DeCor & More

      Linda Sue Tietz




       Aromatherapy Rice & Hot Cold Pad, cozy bowl & dinner plate Cozy & more love what I am doing I want making my customers happy!


        Garrett Kopka


        Hello everyone! My name is Garrett Kopka, Owner of G.KopkArt, and here is a bit about me! I was born and raised in Southern Minnesota. Artistic talent surrounded me growing up, there was always some level of creativity running amuck. I always had a fancy for patterns, and optical illusions when I was younger. Something that is still true today. My artistic journey took a turn after highschool. While creating in art class was fun, at the moment it didn't seem practical as a full time pursuit. I attended classes at South Central College, studying Culinary arts. Cooking in a kitchen sufficed for a few years, but always looked more into baking. Time passed, and jobs changed, and onward I was to greater things! Nowadays I spend my time creating, somedays tie dye, others acrylics on stretched canvas or other cutouts. Many of my acrylic creations are blacklight reactive, some even glow in the dark. A majority of my canvas pieces focus mainly around PHI (spirals). I love a challenge in the creative process, and tie-dye is there to prove it. It has been 5 years in the making, but with due time comes great treasures! It is a pleasure to bring such bold ideas to life, and thank you for your support! Look forward to the next creation!

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        Emily Stark Photography

        Emily Stark


        I am a professor, photographer, and dancer from St. Peter, MN. I focus my photography on landscapes and items in nature, with special attention to the odd, distinctive, or macabre. I don’t have formal training in photography, but enjoy learning as I go, exploring and playing with my camera, editing software, and compositional strategies to just see what happens. I sell prints and cards of various sizes, as well as the Doll Head Oracle, a collaborative project created with other local artists.

        Prairie Willow LLC and Wiimani Homestead LLC

        SkyAnne Walker



        Prairie Willow LLC and Wiimani Homestead are the Walker family's way of creating a closer connection to the Earth and as an artistic outlet for SkyAnne. We provide dream catchers, beaded items, jewelry, personal care items, fresh produce, canned foods, dehydrated foods, and on occasion, baked goods. We strive to promote food soviergnty and provide unique gifts.

        Timeless Silver

        David J Johnson


        Hello: I'm Dave Johnson and I make jewelry from old vintage silverware. You know, the silverware your mom or grandmother had. After I retired from Kato Engineering and watched enough Gun Smoke re-runs, I was thumbing through my Cowboy and Indians Magazine and saw beautiful western silver jewelry that had exquisite patterns. I wondered if I could put together something similar with old silverware. After thinking about it, I went on-line to see if there was information on making silverware jewelry. There Was! It took a lot of trial and error, but I made some pieces I was happy with and continued since that day. Today, I make rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bookmarkers, bottle stoppers, key chains and more. The thing that inspires me is seeing beautiful pieces of silverware with beautiful patterns. I like the challenge and being artful in my designs. At event shows I truly enjoy meeting people, answering their questions and listening to their stories. It's a fulfilling hobby and keeps me busy.

          Bone Fairy Apothecary

          Liz Oldenburg


          Bone Fairy Apothecary is home decor rooted in curiosities and conservation biology. My business was birthed from a Bachelor's in Biology and a goal to share my love of nature. My shadow boxes and terrariums are made from up-cycled vessels and naturally occuring medias found in the field. Bone Fairy decore features ethically sourced taxidermied insects, animal skulls, and preserved plant matter. I strive to give death new life and showcase the beauty of all the stages of the life cycle.

          Nemophilist Goods

          Payton A Caron

          MAY- AUG-NOV-DEC

          I make hand made home goods and gifts. It’s anything from pillows and paintings to oven mitts and wall decor. I’m also working on adding some pottery into the mix! I have loved creating things for my whole life. I taught myself how to sew when I was around 7 and have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. Im self taught in everything I have to offer! My favorite thing about in person events is being able to watch my customers find the perfect gift for someone they love.

          Shelley will be offering original works on paper, prints, and plants!

          Art of the Earth

          Lindsey Beyer


          Lindsey Beyer is a graphic designer and marketing strategist living in North Mankato. She finds inspiration in nature and strives to capture it's beauty to share with the world. She utilizes different mediums for different forms of expression - whether that's capturing a moment in time through photography, honoring the earth's essence and creating something functional with wood or clay, or expressing the awe and whimsey nature inspires through other mediums. You will find a variety of items at her booth including photography prints, jewelry, pottery, paintings, and screen printed shirts.

          Shelley will be offering original works on paper, prints, and plants!

          The Seventh Oak 

          Shayna Swiers


          Shayna Swiers is a Mankato MN artist and jeweler who has been honing her craft for over a decade. She achieved her Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) and Masters of Arts (MA) degrees from MN State University, Mankato. Shayna is the Sole proprietor of The Seventh Oak, specializing in wire weaving techniques and metaphysical crystal meanings, healing and lore. Pairing the healing energies of copper, crystals and Intention to create energetic companion jewelry that will aid and guide her clients along their life's travels.

          “I find serenity while working on a new piece, the repetitive weaving of the wires is my favorite kind of meditative practice. That “energetic flow” helps connect me to the healing message that the crystals wishes to convey."


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          Christina Donley Illustration

          Christina Donley



          Christina Donley is an illustrator and printmaker from Saint Peter, MN. She received a Bachelors in Art and Interdisciplinary Design from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Her work spans a variety of subjects, often whimsical and cartoonish in nature. She enjoys creating detailed works, with lots of things to look at. It inspires her to bring others joy and excitement through her art. She sells prints of her illustrations, as well as fun stickers of her designs. She also screen prints t-shirts and illustrations.

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          My Name Is Knot

          Jody Bohrer

          MAY-AUG- NOV- DEC


          I'm a life-long crafter and a recently retired preschool teacher. During the pandemic, I taught myself to do macrame and found that I really enjoy it. It's actually very meditative. I began by creating plant hangers, but moved onto so much more -- wall hangings, coasters, key chains, Christmas ornaments, etc. I enjoy the challenge of trying something new and seeing the result, especially when my creations are displayed in home decor.

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          Happy Day Baking Company

          Jordan Hathaway



          Happy Day Baking Company focuses on creating delicious treats and great memories. Whether you’re celebrating a major milestone or just looking for a weeknight treat, you’re sure to find something you love. Choose from classic offerings or find a new favorite. Stop on by to say hello and let us help make today a happy day.

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          Herbal Beauty

          Melissa Kruse



          Herbal Beauty is more than a skincare company; it's our passion and a journey rooted in a deep love for natural wellness and nature. Inspired by a personal quest for holistic living, our founder, Melissa Kruse, embarked on a self-taught exploration of herbal remedies, natural skincare, and sustainable practices. Herbal Beauty offers lovely herbal-infused soaps and a full line of skincare products that are 100% natural and made with high-quality, organic, and sustainable ingredients that nourish and balance your skin. We take pride in our 100% natural formulations, using only the finest organic and sustainable ingredients. Synthetic fragrances and harmful additives find no place in our creations. Each product is handcrafted in small batches, ensuring exceptional quality and freshness. For us, crafting skincare products is an art form. We envision not just products but experiences—new formulations, unique looks, distinct feels, and captivating scents. Inspiration blossoms from the herbs and flowers in our gardens and while exploring our land. There's an exhilaration in creating something fresh and new for our customers, and I am fortunate to share this creativity and passion through our products.

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          A Taylor’d Hues-Modern Art LLC

          Andrea Taylor


          I started painting to drowned out some of the negativity in the world, It makes me happy to paint; so my hope is that my paintings put a smile on at least one person’s face. Also I am inspired by natures beauty, so the majority of my paintings are flowers, rocks, landscape and water, etc.

          Shelley Caldwell - Visual Artist

          Shelley Caldwell


          Shelley Caldwell is a local artist who produces mixed media works on paper. Her work combines observational drawing of botanical & other subjects from nature with formal abstraction, emphasizing line, pattern, & color using a variety of processes & materials. She is an MSU, Mankato graduate with a BFA & MA in Drawing & Installation & has also taught at MNSU & Gustavus. Shelley’s work has been shown extensively throughout the region & has received grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board, Springboard for the Arts, & Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council. Compelled by the surrounding landscape, she presently works from her family farm in Faribault County.

          Shelley will be offering original works on paper, prints, and plants!

          Stitches by Em

          Emily Toltzman


          My name is Emily, creator of all things crochet at Stitches by Em. I am a self-taught artist local to Mankato. I picked up the crochet hook in November of 2022 and haven't put it down since! Crochet gives me total creative freedom and it is incredible to see what can come from some yarn and a hook! I take great pride in my work and I love sharing it with others. Each piece is stitched with love and attention to detail. My work is a reflection of things that I love: mainly animals! At my booth, you will find a variety of adorable crocheted plushies, home decor and more.

          Ring Craft

          Anna Monson



          My fascination with rings dates back to my childhood, sitting before my grandmother's jewelry tower, an enchanting display of artistry. Amidst her collection, one piece stood out—the ring she wore religiously. A delicate silver band with a convexed center encircled by flowers, its hollow interior allows the infusion of sweet scents. My grandmother's tales of princesses and princes, with the ring serving as a romantic token, left an indelible mark on my imagination. Today, I hold most of her collection, and these stories fuel my passion for jewelry. Crafting each ring is a journey of decisions—how to bend it, the chosen style, and the overall aesthetic. This hands-on, creative process offers a welcome escape from the demands of academia, transforming my ideas into tangible, wearable art. Adorning myself with 10 rings when I dress up has become a cherished tradition, each piece carrying its own story of origin and creation. I often ponder the previous owners of the silverware and who the next fortunate wearer might be.

          Carlsonville Garden and Woodcraft

          Karin Carlson


          My husband Brad and I have small homebased business, making woodcraft and canned goods. We live on a homestead by Cedar Lake, Trimont, MN. Our woodcraft is kitchen utensils, butterknives, and cutting boards, the wood is locally sourced, mostly from around our farm. I also paint the leftover pieces with birds, flowers and more. We have 2 large gardens and I can a wide variety of yummy goodies. From salsa to sauces, soups, jam, and pickles.

          Brian Keith McLaughlin

          Brian McLaughlin

          MAY-AUG- NOV-DEC

          I depict the small amazing creatures that have fascinated me since I was a child. I also like expressing my feelings about mankato, where I grew up.

          Shelley will be offering original works on paper, prints, and plants!

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