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Origin Story

How Mankato got its Makerspace

The maker movement has been growing across the nation and in our community. Artisans, innovators and creative people of all stripes drive the largest portion of this area's economy. A groundswell of community members recognized this fact and established The Mankato Makerspace, and brought the notion of "the maker" to life in the Mankato area.
The project has grown in phases:

Concept 2015-2016

Initial research, planning and gathering of interested people.


Thanks to the work of Rick Esser, Katie Boone, Sara Nett, Jesse Bateman, Lindsey Block & Kendrick Daum through the catalyst of EnvisionLab.

Founding 2017

We established our legal entity, focused on business planning, extended research, & market testing, as well as identified and began to cultivate the Mankato maker community in 2017. In this stage, we set up accounting, acquired our space, and got building!


Initial funding was provided by Graham Nelson. We also received grant awards from the Dream, Learn and Go Big Community Growth Initiative.


We opened our doors February 22, 2018 thanks to the work of Rick Esser, Kendrick Daum, Joe Herke, Cindy Bourne, Julie Dempster, Kim Spears, Don Darling, Deb Groebner and Emily Griebel as the original board of Minnesota Makers & Artists Guild.

Operation 2018 and on

In 2018, we moved into actual operation.

Which brings us to our directorial phase!

Each year has brought with it the identification of an ever growing community of folks stepping forward; motivated by, participating in and dedicated to the maker movement happening in Mankato.

Founding Donors

Founding Donors

Graham Nelson

Graham believes in reintroducing people to their past through hands-on, skills based learning. He envisions having access to the variety of shops and collaborative peers as having the potential to engage people’s latent creativity, further empowering them to become resourceful and self-sustainable.



MMAG will use funds from Graham's donation to file our 501(c)(3) paperwork. Thank you for helping us start our journey!

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Cindy Bourne


Dustin Swiers

Executive Director of Facilities

Tyler Vaughan


Janie Hanson


Kendrick Daum

Board Member

Katie Boone

Board Member

Bethany Truman

Board Member

Joseph Herke

Board Member

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