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Minnesota Makers & Artists Guild

mankato makerspace

-for lifelog curiosity-

We are a budding non-profit dedicated to providing workspace, tools, and knowledge on a membership basis for artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs.

Here at "the Guild" we realize that people need space to build their dreams. We also realize that not everyone can afford to have that space of their own.

Make it, Mankato!

Our aim is to provide a shared space for artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs, and give them the opportunity to learn and create, collaboratively, in community. In short, we are teaching people to be self sufficient in the modern age, and grow their unique gifts and strengths. We firmly believe that through access to tools and space, training and technologies, ideas and energy, that any one is capable of almost anything.

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Mankato, MN 56001


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Join the Guild today!

  • Monthly member meeting

  • Participate in planning & establishing Mankato's makerspace

  • Discount on space membership & classes (when available)

Yearly memberhip = $25

Annual Membership in the Guild is separate from monthly membership at the space (once established).  


Guild members will have limited voting rights concerning steering and carrying out the mission of the Guild.  

things to know:

What is a Makerspace?

   A makerspace is a community based, DIY workshop and studio for makers, artists, teachers, students and entrepreneurs.  

   What's taught, what's learned and what's made all depends on the making community and what each person brings to the space as far as knowlege, expertise, need and curiosity.

How would a makerspace benefit Southern Minnesota?

-provide basic shop skills in an easy access workshop with mentors & instructors

-provide product development opportunities for entrepeneurs in their experimental and growth stage

-fill an untapped sector of the sharing economy in southern Minnesota

-encourage lifelong curiosity and hands on creativity to all ages

-encourage self sufficiency in the modern age

Who will we serve?


Sometimes your passion can overrun your home.  Join The Guild and have access to shop space, tools and mentors!


Is your hobby turning into a business? We will regularly host maker fairs and eventually have permanent space on site to sell member items.


Want to learn a new skill? The Guild will be made up of mentors, members and volunteers knowledgeable in a variety of skills.  


Classes or forums can be held at the makerspace regardless of membership status.


Guild members will include teachers,  learners and entrepreneurs...some of whom might start their own small businesses from the makerspace.


Each person will bring their unique knowledge & talent...everyone has something to share...including you!  

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