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Spring Lake Woods

Jeff Stocco

My bowls are a reflection of my philosophy and work. I love how they change shape as they dry after turning. While I strive for consistency, each bowl is unique and “moves” as it desires. My bowls and spoons are functional, natural, durable, food-safe, hand crafted, and beautiful, as the projects in Celebrating Birch demand.

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Guileless Green 

Jessica Peters

I make organic soaps, lotions, balms, herbal tea blends, and soy wax candles. All of my products are minimal ingredient, and are formulated for sensitive skin types. I started making these products for myself because I could never find a store bought product that I liked that wasn't full of questionable synthetic ingredients. I love having products that can truly nourish skin. I am self taught. I began by learning everything I could about each process and  created recipes and methods that worked best for me and my needs. I use every product that I make and I'm thrilled when my customers appreciate what I have to offer them.

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The Seventh Oak 

Shayna Swiers

Shayna Swiers is a Mankato MN artist and jeweler who has been honing her craft for over a decade. She achieved her Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) and Masters of Arts (MA) degrees from MN State University, Mankato. Shayna is the Sole proprietor of The Seventh Oak, specializing in wire weaving techniques and metaphysical crystal meanings, healing and lore. Pairing the healing energies of copper, crystals and Intention to create energetic companion jewelry that will aid and guide her clients along their life's travels.

“I find serenity while working on a new piece, the repetitive weaving of the wires is my favorite kind of meditative practice. That “energetic flow” helps connect me to the healing message that the crystals wishes to convey."


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Becky Nastansky

Becky is a beader and jeweler who breathes new life into prefabricated vintage jewelry and charms. 

    Reins Designs

    Jessica Ruby

    "I make chainmail & scalemail jewelry. It all started with wanting a set of pauldrons from the MN Renaissance Festival. I thought I could make my own, then I did. From there I found my love of chainmail and all the different weaves you can create to make a masterpiece. I really enjoying learning new weaves and how everything fits together. Recently I have taken up printmaking. Carving the designs is very satisfying and then seeing it come to life on paper makes it all worth it. I love learning news things about both these crafts."

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    Every Day Ceramics 

    Julia Bressler

    Vending at a market selling my handmade ceramic pieces is the materialization of a long time dream. A dream that never felt important enough, prudent enough, or realistic enough. It was a dream that was always sent to the "someday" file in the way back of my mind. But in the fall of 2020 after having three daughters within three years, I found myself facing a huge and important and extremely blessed task - raising three strong, beautiful little girls that grow up into women that aren't afraid to dream big and do with their lives whatever feeds their souls. What better way to do this than to lead by example? In March I joined the Makerspace and even though I hadn't thrown pottery since high school it immediately began to feed my soul. I cherish my role as a stay at home mom and I have come to also cherish the evenings I spend every week at the Makerspace playing in mud, learning, and creating. I find myself creating primarily functional pieces. It's the every day moments that make up the majority of our lives so I hope to create art that will fit into and bring consistent moments of beauty and inspiration into your every day.

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    Under the Sun Herbs

    Alise Torgusen & Bil Carda

    Regenerative farm located in rural Madelia. Owned and operated by Alise Torgusen and Bil Carda. We offer a large selection of culinary herb products, herbal teas, elderberry juice and jelly, garlic, ginger, and turmeric products. Our farm is largely focused on soil health, because we strongly believe that food produced in healthy, living soil makes for healthier humans!

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    Art of the Earth

    Lindsey Beyer

    Lindsey Beyer is a St. Peter native who has made North Mankato home. She studied Studio Art and Communications at Gustavus Adolphus College, Commercial Art at South Central College, and Technical Communication at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Professionally, she is the Director of Web Marketing at Minnesota State Mankato. In her free time, she continues to explore a variety of artistic mediums (including dance and music), and loves spending time outdoors. Her art is nature-inspired. She will have photos, ceramics, stone earrings and small paintings available for sale.

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    Woven and Worn Co

    Courtney Christensen

    My name is Courtney Christensen and my business is Woven and Worn Co! I have always loved rocks. Growing up, I had a huge collection of rocks that always seemed to be growing. But, only recently have I started turning this love of stones into something more. I now turn these beautiful semi-precious stones and crystals into beautiful pieces of jewelry. I make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, all of which are made with nickel free metal or precious metals! Custom orders are always welcome as well, as I love to make products specific for YOU.

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    Jason Lee Willis Novels

    Jason Lee Willis

    Jason Lee Willis is the author of The Alchemist's Map, best described as 'a Bilbo Baggins character who goes on an Indiana Jones adventure in 19th century Minnesota', as well as several other self-published novels. He has also produced two nonfiction works on Christian Bible studies. As a creative writing instructor, he and his students have produced two volumes of short stories, Tales from the Haunted Valley, as a fundraiser for the writing program. As a professional storyteller (isn’t that what English teachers do?), he’s done historical lectures and video series, book talks, radio segments, podcasts, and recently submitted a short story in Rhonda Gilliland’s “foodie” anthology, Cooked to Death.


    Willis grew up in South Dakota and currently lives in Minnesota, where he lives the life of a hobbit by gardening, writing, walking around barefoot, wearing vests, fishing, and going on adventures with his wife, Julie.

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    Vintage Silverware Jewelry

    Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson born and raised in southern Minnesota.  After 40+ years working in manufacturing and now retired took a trip out West and became interested in antler décor/creations.  He used antler sheds to make his designs.  During another trip out West Dave became interested in jewelry-making using vintage silverware.  Since vintage silverware doesn’t appeal to some people, Dave can take the old family pieces and give new life to it in the form of bracelets, necklaces and rings.  There’s something very enjoyable about wearing jewelry from the box of silverware your grandma or mother had

      Visual Artist 

      Shelley Caldwell

      “Living in a rural environment, you witness the wonders of the natural world; you also learn to be resourceful with what you already have. This lesson has a profound impact on my work.


      Plants demonstrate nature’s resilience and capacity for resurgence. Using Micron pen, various inks, collage, and masking techniques, the contrast between drawing processes echoes man’s simultaneous reliance upon, struggle against, and impact on the environment.  Displayed are the results of ongoing experiments in mixed media drawing which focus on the balance between oppositions: wet versus dry media, controlled versus uncontrolled processes, dense versus sparse mark-making, and representation versus abstraction. 


      A plant’s simple silhouette reflects that there is great value in the ordinary items or experiences that occupy our existence; while undoubtedly beautiful, nature is also diligent, unrelenting, and aggressively powerful.”


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      TJD Pottery 

      Tyler Danielson

       I have been making functional pottery for about 10 years. I am currently the President of the ceramics club Mudworks at MNSU. My goal as a maker is to give people the same joy in the piece they picked as much as I did when making it."

      Check these examples of his amazing work!

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      Red Sky Forge

      Mason Grove

      I've been into wilderness survival ever since I was a kid. I have taken lots of classes on primitive survival and honed my skills in many different environments. In 2012 I founded the Minnesota Primitive Skills and Survival School and have been teaching ever since.

          I decided to become a bladesmith because as a survival instructor who has gone into the wilderness with just a knife to survive many times, I know the importance of a well designed, well made blade, and wanted to be able to create them myself. Every blade I make is designed and created with practicality, beauty, and durability in mind, so that it can be used for a lifetime and more.

      Link to Minnesota Primitive skills and survival school website:

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      Crystal Candles

      Alex Ek

      I make all natural beeswax Candles. it started as a home project and quickly became a business. Each candle has quartz crystals inside to share my passion of Geology with others. Since the beginning I have branched off and started to share Geology on a larger scale with rocks and minerals that I also sell. Recently I have become very good my newest Craft, Flint knapping which has been added to the inventory of amazing candles, rocks and minerals.

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      Prairie Willow

      SkyAnne Sickler

      Prairie Willow uses traditional indigenous designs and techniques as inspiration to create dream catchers, jewelry, and beaded items. A variety of other items, including beeswax infused food wraps and beverage covers are offered. SkyAnne Sickler, the owner of Prairie Willow, has a dedication to learning how to live a more sustainable life. Because of this commitment, some of Prairie Willow's offerings follow this life style. She enjoys being challenged by customers who ask for custom orders and is always learning and expanding on her knowledge about the work she does.

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      Nibbe Ceramics

      Jon Nibbe

      Nibbe is a Southern MN ceramicist who has a passion for traditional wood burning kilns, which he gained much experience using in college at Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan R.O.C learning and perfecting his technique. His works range from sculptural, decorative and functional; every piece is more creative and unique than the last.  


      “Currently, my work is either wood fired or electric fired. My approach consists of practiced improvisation creating one of a kind pieces. Each piece is stamped with a depiction of a sapling, representing growth and change, and after 15+ years making these concepts drive me forward. I invite everyone to come find a piece to fall in love with, there’s one for anyone!”

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      Unique Items by April

      April Florez

      I make sublimation items! Tumblers, metal signs, puzzles, blankets, and lots more. I do a lot of personalized items which are my favorite. Customers can choose a color theme, add wording, and even photos. I've always been crafty but just recently this year I tried my hand at sublimation and I love all the options of making personalized items that people can use for a while and that last a long time. Everything is good quality and I've been able to make items with meaning behind them. That's my reason behind doing what I do!

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      Emily Stark Photography

      Emily Stark

      Emily is a photographer from St. Peter, MN. I grew up in the country and have always appreciated rural landscapes, particularly the trees that stand along the boundaries of fields. I don’t have any formal training in photography, but enjoy learning as I go, exploring and playing with my camera, editing software, and compositional strategies to just see what happens. I tend to focus my photography on landscapes and items in nature, with special attention to the odd, distinctive, or macabre.  I use both my cell phone camera and a DSLR, with editing done in Snapseed and/or Photoshop. I sell prints and notecards in various sizes. I'm also very excited to be part of the collaborative team behind the Doll Head Oracle Deck!

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      Jeremy Kuznia

      Electronic technician, artist, maker and professional in-home appliance repairman by trade, Jeremy Kuznia found an eye for art while attending college for electronics in 2002. He uses an array of materials including disassembled machinery and electronics, aerosols, slime, and acrylic paints, to capture chaos and it's artifacts in his work.

      A 3D printing enthusiast, Kuznia has built and modified six 3D printers. Using FDM or mSLA technologies, prints knickknacks, doohickeys and jewelry. 

      Kuznia has curated a dynamic mix of eye-catching, humorous, and at times explosive answers to the question, "What would happen if I...?".

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      Flame In Hand

      Dustin Swiers

      Dustin Swiers started glass lampworking back in 2008 when he moved to Mankato for schooling. Swiers received two degrees from Minnesota State University, Mankato, a BFA and an MA, both focused on ceramics and sculpture. He created Flame in Hand Glass as the sole proprietor in 2010. Swiers has moved his studio set-up to work out of the non-profit  Mankato MakerSpace, so he can be accessible to teach classes and create while volunteering his time as a Shop Lead. Dustin's work ranges from functional to decorative, blending disciplines of Lampworking, Off- Hand Glassworking and Stained glass techniques with Metalworking, Electroplating and Lapidary to create jewelry, custom blades, vessels and sculptures.

      “As with many artists, the process is what keeps me engaged and pushes me to make. My greatest pursuit is discovery in the act of creating; simultaneously learning about my materials, craft, and self.” Dustin Swiers


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      Blue Collar Burns

      Kendrick Daum

      Kendrick is an aerosol mural artist and over all Maker. You have probably seen quite a few of his works around Mankato! He is indeed  one of the founders of the Mankato Makerspace, and  he oversees  our finishing / paint room as a Shop Lead. He has recently been working on  the Glowforge at the space to make wooden  ornaments and magnets for your gifting pleasure.

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      Pegeen Rozeske

      "Most people have never experienced a shoe made specifically for their foot.  Nothing pinches; nothing rubs.  If you easily find shoes that fit at the "marts", you are not looking for me.  A properly fit shoe makes walking easier; does not cause back problem; lasts a long time and is repairable.  I make beautiful shoes and boots to fit a specific person's feet.  Leather that breathes and craftsmanship that endures combine for an unique experience. Educating people that these are still valued qualities still practiced is why I demonstrate the Art and Mystery of a Cordwainer.  The Gentle Art of shoe making is still done. At the Mankato Makerspace,  I teach classes in both Shoemaking and general leatherwork." -Pegeen 

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      Visual Artist 

      Rachel Gemlo

      I make a variety of art pieces. Paintings and drawings, big and small and I recently started painting figurines. I've been an artist my whole life and enjoy working in my home studio with my youngest son. I love color and experimenting. I make art because it calls me. I am inspired by everyday joy and all that is beautiful especially in nature. I work a lot with leaves. I have my masters in art from MSU Mankato and my day job is drafting and designing cabinets.

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       Vinc3nt's Oddities

      Ren Weilage

      I'm a photographer primarily, but I make art in many mediums and I'm learning more all the time. I'm starting a tattoo apprenticeship in the spring and I've been building a portfolio of drawings/paintings that I sometimes sell as prints . I'll be selling prints of my photography for the first time at the next two makers markets! The nature of my photographs have changed a lot since first picking up a camera almost 3 years ago, but I feel when shooting for the sake of creativity, the energy of my images is similar to that of the sculptures & drawings that I make. I also love incorporating fantastical & gothic themes. 

         I've been making sculptures with bones & things found in nature sporadically over the past 4 years. It's been a lot of trial & error, but I've found a passion in creating beautiful things with animals & plants that have died. It feels like I'm providing a visual to the world's natural state of decay. I love animals & I love being alive, in all aspects. I think it's important to acknowledge the darker aspects of what living means to truly enjoy being alive & life as a whole.

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      Yolo Jewelry 

      Cindy Bourne 

      Living in Texas making beaded jewelry for many years I was ready for a change. Moving to MN, I got here as soon as I could, metalsmithing became my passion. As an artist, working with metals to create shapes, textures, 3D techniques and colors is very appealing. I love pounding on metal!!!! Using recycled materials, such as coins, vintage elements, adds another dimension. As an instructor, introducing students to the tools, metals, torches is very satisfying. Hopefully, you'll like my jewelry and much as I like making it!

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      Heather FitzSimmons

       I like to make things….all the time. I mostly like to create things that involve patterns in some way shape or form, and most things I make have a cultural component to them. For me art making is a meditative process. There is something about the repetition that is found in patterns that gets me in my happy zone. Anywhoo, Most recently I have been making seed bead earrings, but I also create dot mandalas and knit amongst other things. " Check these examples of her amazing work

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      Dr. Queen Bee LLC

      Qamr Fnu

      Our journey started when we realized that the root cause of the honeybees’ problems is similar to humans. We started beekeeping as a hobby, and in the process, it turned out to be our passion. We have learned a lot from the honeybees. They are intelligent, strategic, disciplined, hard-working, team players and motivated. They inspire us every moment. The honeybees also made us realize that nutrition is simple; they get most of their carbohydrates from honey, protein from pollen and all of the micronutrients from their food. They collect propolis to protect their hives from bacteria, fungi and viruses, and they feed their newborn with Royal Jelly. The aha moment for us was when we realised we could do it the honeybees way and be healthy, and since then, we have been working on getting these simple yet healthy foods to you.

      We are committed to bringing the superfoods from the beehive to you and making healthy eating a way of life.

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      Fox Pointe Publishing, LLP

      Kiersten Hall

      Fox Pointe Publishing is a mother-daughter-led publishing company with an incredible staff and group of authors.  We are surrounded by superb imagination and talent, and all of that makes it exciting and a pleasure to be a part of Fox Pointe.  At the moment, we tend to publish an average of 30 new books per year.  We began in 2020 and currently have 53 active titles encompassing several genres for both young and old.  You can learn more about our books, authors, talent, and the company itself by checking out our website,

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