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Pay What You Can Afford

Thanks to a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, we will be able to offer basic safety, form and technique classes to community members at a significant discount through December 2024. This "pay what you can afford" program will allow community members interested in membership, but unable to afford the full price of course tuition to select a discounted rate, up to 80% off. Scroll to learn more.


Basic Safety:

A membership necessity

We must ensure that our community shop is safe for all to use. For this reason, we require all members, regardless of experience to go through orientation and be cleared by a shop lead before using hazardous equipment. Shop orientations and safety courses ensure that the equipment at the Makerspace stays accessible to all members and has as little down time as possible. 

Form & 


Members who wish to unlock creative productivity often benefit from refreshers or full blown courses on basic techniques for making. Our shop leads can get new & experienced makers on the path to creating effectively.

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Class Tuition

Basic safety classes unlock access to the Makerspace shops. A $45 woodshop safety orientation will enable a new member to utilize woodshop tools. Each shop has their own shop lead and shop safety curriculum. More information can be located on our classes page.

Getting class


Discounted tuition is available to all, but we have limited funds to offer this program. We ask members to "pay what you can afford" and offer discounts of 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% off certain courses. Discount codes will be available soon!


Up to 80% Off

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