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Unleash your passion

Membership is more than access to space and equipment - it's a source of community, inspiration and imagination. Become a member today and turn your creative dreams into reality.


Ready to choose a membership plan?

Why become a Member?

The Mankato Makerspace has over $250,000 in tools and equipment for makers and creators in over a dozen disciplines. Membership at the Makerspace provides access to the space, tools and equipment! We'll have the right tool for the job when you need it.


How do I get started?

Members can unlock access to equipment by completing shop safety classes and orientation. We'll make sure the shop is safe and ready for you to create by vetting members and maintaining equipment. Our experienced shop leads can help you realize your potential.

Creativity accessible to all

Are you interested in membership, but are concerned about the costs?

Through a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, we are able to offer safety, form and technique courses to individuals interested in membership at reduced cost. Click below to learn more.

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