• Woodshop

  • Metalwork

  • Screenprinting

  • Glassblowing

  • Painting

  • Ceramics

  • Textiles

  • 3D Printing

  • Jewelry Making

  • Laser Engraving


Tuesday - Sunday

2pm - 8pm*

*Open to Members / Tours by appointment only

Workshops Available:

Membership Drive


Goal: 100 New Members

Starts: October 20th 2020

Ends: January 4th 2021

Why You Should Be A Member:


Being a member of the Mankato Makerspace is more than just having access to the physical space and the tools. Its not just a place you go and work. As a member you become part of the makerspace community. You make new connections and create new friendships. You find yourself engaging with those around you in many ways: learning, helping, collaborating, teaching, etc.


Yes, become a member and get that project or idea started! But know that it's more than just a pass to a building, it's the key to other creatives in your community.


Join today! We are creating custom creations for our new members - more updates to come!

Special Update

Shops open to all members.

Classes available for members and non-members. 

Any tours of the Makerspace or visiting of non members should be scheduled ahead of time.

Shop Phone: 507-387-7218


 Per the Governor's Executive Order 20-81 

a face covering is required while inside.

Please practice social distancing.

We will continue sterilization of work spaces.

Meet your Maker!

Dustin Swiers - Metalsmith, Glassblo
Kendrick Daum - Painter - Finisher
Don Darling - Tinkerer, Lathe Master
Joe Herke - Ceramics King
Rick Esser - Woodworker Supreme
Cindy Bourne - Jewelry Maker

What can you do in a Makerspace?​

  • Personal Projects

  • Classes

  • Fine Arts 

  • Develop Skills

  • Repairs

What can you find in a Makerspace?

  • Welcoming environment

  • Tools & equipment

  • Climate controlled workspaces

  • Classes and Special Events

  • Collaboration & Mentorship​

Are you a Maker? 

  • Attend a Tuesday Open House

  • Attend a Special Event

  • Sign up for:

    • Our Newsletter

    • Classes

    • Membership

How does a makerspace benefit Southern Minnesota?

  • Assists the needs of the creative economy in the greater Mankato area

  • Encourages lifelong curiosity and hands on creativity to all ages

  • Provides product development opportunities for entrepreneurs in their experimental and growth stages

  • Promotes self sufficiency in the modern age

Thank You Maker Advocates! 

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